Trust on a professional ship repair company in international waters

Do you have an international fleet and are you in need of ship repair? With the help of professional divers your vessel is repaired in no time. Thanks to their excellent underwater diving services your vessel is repaired as soon as possible. The fact that the reparations take place under water is very unique, as most ship repair companies offer you a dry-dock reparation method. This is however time-consuming and very costly, as the removal of the ship and the building of the scaffolding takes a lot of time. With the help of Antwerp Underwater Solutions’ divers, your vessel is repaired underwater at its current location. This is both time- and moneysaving!

24/7 at your service within Europe

The services of the expert divers from Antwerp Underwater Solutions are available 24/7 and in every European harbor. They are one of the best ship repair companies worldwide and the quality of their work in international harbors is a constant example of this. The following services, and many more, can be provided by an expert team of certified divers with the use of professional welding materials:

  • Reparations of anchors and chains
  • Removal of rust
  • Polishing of propellers
  • Offering tailored solutions for all kinds of defects, such as cracks and holes

Is a ‘dry’ working environment needed? One of the astonishing methods is the use of a cofferdam to reach and execute the repair.

Contact these underwater experts for a quotation

Make sure to get a quotation from a reliable partner for your next underwater project! Whether it is for inspections, maintenance, or repairs of all kinds of vessels. Are you in need of their services and is your vessel or fleet located in an European harbor? Then it is possible to contact Antwerp Underwater Solution for all your international ship repair and maintenance questions.
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