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Sme business ideas

sme business ideas


Animal Breeding

Breeding animals requires a little more knowledge and also possible permits depending on the animal. Yet it can be very nice to start a business in this field. You are busy with animals every day and can help them find a nice new home. It is important, however, that you do it right. Not like in the video below.


What do you need?


The right permits (possibly)

Love for animals

A large place to keep the animals


Operating your vegetable garden

A vegetable garden is all the rage again. Growing your own fruits and vegetables is a fun hobby, but seeing how much my mom manages to get out of that garden is definitely a fun business idea as well. Growing is one thing, but making your own jam and lemonade is another.


By making these kinds of local products and selling them to tourists you can earn a pretty penny. In many places you can find plenty of tourists who would like to try a local jam or soup. Put a nice bow around it and you can ask the top price.


What do you need?


A vegetable garden

Green fingers

The right tools

Content specialist

These days everything online is about content. Nice photos, videos and competitions. In itself, this is a profession and you can compare it to marketing. Do you know exactly what it takes to reach the right target group? Then you can ask a lot of money for your skills.


Influencers are good at this and know exactly what their viewers want. By making the right content for this in the form of videos or photos you can reach many eyes. If you can do this well it is of course interesting for companies or individuals who have no knowledge of this. Your own business as a content specialist is one with a great chance of success if you are good at it.


What do you need?


A laptop


The ability to think along with your client to get the right message across

Do what you like

It’s cliché, I know. Yet it is the most important of all business ideas I can give you. Coming up with a business idea is one thing, but sustaining it is another. The best businesses are started out of a passion for something. Taking pictures, writing cool stories or making videos. When looking for ideas for your mini business, it’s best to start with yourself.


What are you good at and what do you spend most of your time on anyway? As a gamer, you could try a career as a streamer. Do you always repair your own bike? Then you could also do this for others. Do something you enjoy and you won’t have to work a day in your life.


To start your own business you need ideas and I hope this list will steer you a bit in the right direction. You can’t think of anything or you can make money doing it. As long as you do something you like and keep at it, you have a good chance of success. You can always do something you don’t like. Why not try starting your own business where you are the boss and can do what makes you happy?



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