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Psychological immunity against coronavirus (COVID-19)

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It seems like the time for introverts is coming. Extroverts call this quarantine, social isolation, remote work, punishment, God’s punishment. They get angry, stomp their feet, look for the guilty. But for introverts, it’s not isolation, it’s a natural state of mind. It’s okay when you don’t feel like visiting crowded places, going to meetings, participating in discussions and meaningless gatherings.

Introverts are like fish in water now. They are comfortable, they will not notice either quarantine or isolation, they will live as usual. Inconvenience, what inconvenience, what are you talking about?

Who are these secretive introverts? The extroverted world still somehow did not even want to take into account the existence of these people. But now you have to not just accept, but to be in their shoes, to experience all the delights of introverted life.

To understand this personality type, we recommend reading 2 books.

The first is the great best-selling book ”Introverts” by psychologist Susan Kane. This book has become something of a manifesto for introverts. The success of the book showed how close and interesting its topic is to people. Despite the fact that in the modern world it seems that extraverted qualities are more appreciated, the characteristics of introverts are not character flaws. It’s important for introverts to identify their strengths and build on them.

The second is “Your Child is an Introvert” by practicing family therapist Marty Laney. The book by American psychologist Marty Laney is devoted to the characteristics of introverted children and the problems they often face in a predominantly extroverted world. As Marty Laney admits, she is an introvert herself, so she knows about the difficulties of introverts firsthand.

Social isolation is good if you understand its benefits and use this time wisely. Remember, William Shakespeare probably never would have written King Lear if it had not been for the quarantine in which he was forced to be during the plague. Health, endurance and productive activity to all!

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