Professional help with Dutch tax return

Are you a foreign employee working in The Netherlands? Then you may have heard of the application for the 30% tax ruling. Due to this Dutch tax return, 30% of the gross income of a foreign employee will be paid without any taxes withheld, which results in a higher net salary. You probably are interested in this ruling, but maybe you need some help to find out if you are allowed to apply for this tax ruling or not. In this situation, Witlox International Tax Advice is the company to get in touch with. Maurice Witlox, founder of this company, is more than willing to help you. He checks if you are eligible for this tax and can help you with your application. In this way, you are sure of a correct application which includes all necessary information.

Help with filing Dutch tax returns for a reasonable price

In The Netherlands, husband and spouse are taxed separately on labour income, like a salary. On your Dutch salary, Dutch wage withholding tax will be withheld. This can be considered as a preliminary payment of income tax finally due after filing the income tax return. Most tax deductions can already be taken into account in a monthly refund of income tax. A Dutch income tax return needs to be filed after a calendar year has ended. Witlox International Tax Advice can do this for you and your partner, for a reasonable price and with a clear explanation.

An overview of the filling service

Witlox International Tax Advice is ready to help you with your Dutch tax return. When you contact this company and make use of its filling service, you will receive among others:

  • Fiscal advice related to your specific tax situation.
  • When necessary, a filing request for the monthly tax refund. For instance, mortgage interest or alimony payments.
  • A questionnaire to collect all relevant data.
  • An extension to file the tax return.
  • A filing of the tax returns for you and your partner.
  • A brochure with up to date taxation rules for each year.
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