A high quality Montblanc rollerball for excellent writing

Are you looking for the perfect present for that special colleague or a good friend, or just a gift for yourself? The high quality products of Montblanc are very suitable. This beautiful brand is known of their big collection of souvenirs and beautiful gifts suitable for almost any occasion. Montblanc represents traditional craftmanship and artisanal prowess. Are you looking for a specific product, like a mechanical pencil or a Montblanc rollerball? You definitely will find it at pen specialist Appelboom.


Choose from a very special range of high quality pens

Appelboom is located in Laren, The Netherlands and with over 25 years of experience they can call themselves a real pen specialist. They have a very extensive collection with a special wide range of high quality pens. Choose your new favorite pen or pencil from different brands, such as Visconti, Montblanc and Pelikan. Buy your mechanical pencil or Montblanc rollerball at an authorized dealer with excellent service. Do you not live close to Laren or in The Netherlands at all? No problem. Order your favorite Montblanc rollerball in their web shop, because they deliver worldwide.


Personalize your writing instruments

At Appelboom they offer you the option of engraving your writing implement. That way you can create a Montblanc rollerball with an unique design or personalize it with your name on it. Do you have special wishes regarding the engraving? Don’t hesitate to contact them. They will always look for the best solution for you. They engrave metal pens themselves and pens made from other materials can be engraved by one of their partners.


Found the Montblanc product you were looking for?

When you have found the Montblanc rollerball, mechanical pencil or other products you were looking for, you can buy them easily online. Combine the traditional art of writing with functional beauty, and order your Montblanc rollerball with European craftmanship today. Add the products to the shopping cart, and you can have them delivered as soon as possible.
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